Will Dwayne Johnson replace Will Smith’s role as Aladdin?

Will Dwayne Johson replace Will Smith? It is a huge question that has been raised. As we know that how Disney always reacts to the scandals where it has come to notice that they have done it to many of their disgraced stars. They actually often bust out too quickly such as with Johnny Deep. It has also come known as a rumor that Will Smith is possibly going to be replaced through the same situation.

In the sequel, Smith was playing the role of the Genie. It was a mythical character that was inhabited in animation back in the 90s by the late great Robin Williams. The film has collected $1 billion from the box office. But recently the scene that has been created by Smith has shaken the executives of Disney which has led to a massive decision with respect to the Aladdin sequel.

Will Dwayne Johnson replace Will Smith’s role as Aladdin?

As the source of this news has not come from a reputable source therefore we have considered it a rumor. In the industry, it seems that Giant Freakin Robot is having the best scooping source but they finally came out to be a fairly small news site for entertainment. According to them, Disney is now trying to damage control with Will Smith.

It is not a surprise that Disney is actively looking for an ideal replacement for the role of Genie in the sequel of Aladdin. The actor Dwayne Johnson seems to replace Will Smith in an unspecified role that will surprise more than one, but he is definitely going to be a great choice if this rumor turns out to be true.


According to the source, Disney has started talking about Dwayne Johnson’s “The Rock” to play the unspecified role in the Aladdin sequel. Although they have not confirmed whether he is playing the role of Genie or not. The timing of the rumor is strangely coincidental. If Disney is going to follow the previous flow about the scandals, Johnson is definitely going to replace Will Smith’s role that sounds perfect.

Dwayne has previously played a musical role in ‘Moana’ and he has completely nailed it. However, none of this is confirmed yet and we will have to wait in order to get more accurate information about this. So far, there has been no official confirmation on what Disney plans to do with Will Smith after his scandal erupted.

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