The 940 HP HEMI Killer in Kevin Hart’s 1969 Road Runner is called Michael Myers

It’s no secret that Kevin has great taste in vehicles and has the financial resources to support some of the finest American builds.

He owns a Pontiac GTO, a Mustang GT500E Super Snake, and one of those full-carbon 1970 Chargers with 1000 horsepower.

But his enthusiasm also came at a high price; in a crash in September of this year, his spine was broken in three places (it was a SpeekKore Cuda).

Kevin wanted to pay homage to the 1960s Mopar era with his most recent restomod build, a 1969 Road Runner, so he hired Salvaggio Design to create this menacing vehicle.

Although a 1969 Road Runner with a HEMI engine is already Mopar aristocracy, Kevin decided to enhance significantly.

His big, loud, 3.8-liter supercharger, installed in his 7-liter V8, is vividly colored.

Additionally, the engine has ported Dodge Demon heads, Winberg crankshaft, and CP pistons.

This uses 91-octane fuel to create 940 horsepower, therefore a Tremec 6060 six-speed is in charge of carrying the burden.

Kevin is to be admired for driving a manual muscle car with hypercar performance.

The bodywork appears sleek and modern. Many Billet automotive components have been matched with deep black paint.

The grille, which resembles a more idealized rendition of the original 1969 design, will be our first point of focus.

It is immediately clear that the door handles and taillights are aftermarket components.

The wheels are the most visible restomod exterior improvement, next to the carbon fiber hood.

These are created to order by HRE and are 18s up front and 20s in back. and unique hub caps have been coupled with them.

The brakes, which are 14-inch rotors with six-piston calipers at the front, are unfortunately difficult to view.

You might own a little portion of this car, which is most likely worth $500,000.

A customized frame that fits all Mopar B platform cars was made by Salvaggio Design using a 3D scan of the donor vehicle. This frame will be sold.

That BASF black paint is equally as ominous as the interior. It is made of orange stitching and black Italian leather with many Michael Mayers design features.

In addition to the apparent emblem on the door sills, the rpm gauge features a small Myers face, and the pistol grip shifter has a knife handle.

View the most recent high-light video from AutotopiaLA below.

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