Lindsey Vonn Once Revealed the ‘110%’ Quality of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson That Inspired Her

It seems as if Lindsey Vonn and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson are giving friendship goals for others to follow. The mutual admiration for one another speaks a lot about their friendship and how much it means to them. However, more than friends, these two are each other’s support pillars. They push one another to become the better versions of themselves. After all, that’s what friends do.

Their shared love for fitness is what lies at the center of their friendship. Either this can be one of the major reasons Lindsey and Dwayne get along so well, or it could be because both of them are pretty high-performance individuals. Though, what really matters is the bond they share, which is quite rare to find.

‘The Rock’ Quality That Lindsey Vonn Admires About Dwayne

Well, the actor is known to be a great guy, and Lindsey has also often pointed out the same. However, there’s something in particular about Dwayne that she finds special. Being the first global ambassador for the Under Armour’s Project Rock team, Olympic champion Lindsey Vonn said, “What I find so inspiring about Dwayne is that he always gives 110 percent in all that he does.”

In the video campaign about the brand, she further added“He basically stands for 110 percent authenticity and 110 percent effort. That’s always what I try to do when I’m in the gym and when I’m out of the gym.”

First global ambassador for Project Rock

Well, being a friend and a mega-celebrity, who could be a better choice than the skiing legend Lindsey Vonn for the global ambassador role. The world adores her, and she is always the center of attention wherever she goes. Perhaps this is the perfect idea for the brand promotion to capitalize on Lindsey’s global stardom.

Not just Lindsey but Dwayne was also excited to announce her as the global ambassador for Project Rock. According to The Rock, Lindsey is someone who is a perfect embodiment of the morals and ethos the brand propagates.

Have you tried out any of Project Rock’s gear yet?

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