Dwayne Johnson Shares Thrilling Story of His Humble Beginnings With Football to Becoming the XFL Owner

Hollywood action movie star Dwayne Johnson recently felt nostalgic while recalling his history with football. Johnson was talking about how, as a college football player, he dreamed of one day playing in the NFL. Though he didn’t make it to the league, Johnson aims to ensure that his new venture, the XFL, makes it possible for every football player to take care of themselves.

Since his early days, Johnson had problems with authority from a young age, and somehow it led him to find his niche in playing football. It was through football that he found the structure and discipline he lacked in his life and something he mentions in his Instagram post.
While he played football in other schools, it was Freedom High in Bethlehem that he fell in love with the game.

It appears it was since then and his dream of playing in the NFL that Johnson seems to be fulfilled through the XFL. He aims to provide players who didn’t make it to the NFL, an opportunity in XFL to take care of their families. Johnson became the co-owner of the XFL after buying out the company with Dany Garcia for $15 million from his ex-employer Vince McMahon in 2020.

How did Dwayne Johnson fare in his footballing career?

Under his high school head coach, Jody Cwik, Johnson learned how important football was for him. Cwik’s advice for Johnson to focus on football for a better life lit an obsession in him to make it big in the sport. His performances garnered the attention of all the top colleges, but he pitched and chose to sign for the Miami Hurricanes.

Johnson became well known within the Hurricanes roster for his toughness and hard work on the football field. But his momentum was halted by his recurring knee injuries, and he went undrafted from the NFL.

So, Johnson is now attempting to give other players a chance he never had through the XFL.

While it is going to be some time before the XFL gains momentum, the owner seems to be a willing fighter for their success. The latest season of the XFL will commence on 18 February 2023 as 43 annual games will take place among the teams. With a new deal with ESPN and The Walt Disney Company, Dwayne Johnson is setting things up for a bright future in the XFL.

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