Dwayne Johnson Doesn’t Have The Perfect Body; WWE Legend Comments On His ‘Weird Abs’

Dwayne Johnson had maintained his body with great consistency and dedication. Over the years, he had continued to develop muscles and grow his physique enormous. Johnson has a physique that most people can only dream about, yet some of his muscles are not perfect.

In 2021, in a candid interview with WIRED, Johnson sat down with Jungle Cruise co-star Emily Blunt to answer the internet’s most frequently asked questions. During the interview, he was questioned about what was wrong with his abs. When The People’s Champ and Emily Blunt heard that his abs weren’t up to par for a few of his admirers, both were taken aback.

Replying to this The Rock said, “The problem was, which a lot of people don’t know, in a wrestling match, I tore the top of my quad off my pelvis. It went bang in a wrestling match. And then what that did, that caused a chain reaction and it tore my abdomen wall. So then I had to do a triple hernia emergency surgery…so, they’re not, like, perfect abs.”

Johnson said that an abdominal operation changed the structure of his abs. Additionally, he also remarked that Instagram fitness models have incredible six-pack abs. Since his abs aren’t perfect, he only has five and a half packs.

Dwayne Johnson explained why he doesn’t lift heavyweights

WWE superstar turned actor Johnson has a massive physique that he has built up over the years. In addition, the gym has been a key component in his life since he was a teenager. Johnson, 50, continues to go to the gym to maintain his physical fitness.

Johnson used to lift heavy weights to build his muscles. However, The Rock has reduced to lifting lesser weights after repeated surgeries and injuries. Additionally, he continues to strengthen his enormous body with the lighter weights.

Although The Great One no longer lifts heavyweights, his devotion and consistency over the years resulted in an enormous body. In addition, he celebrated his 50th birthday by working out at 12:30 a.m. thereby demonstrating his commitment to being in shape.

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